What can your business do?

Invest in a technology audit - An evaluation of your computer network by a certified professional will easily show you areas of vulnerabilities within your computer network and Internet/Wireless security. An audit when completed successfully will list all areas that require attention with recommendations to get you on the road towards compliance.

Hire the best IT support - Once your evaluation is completed, having a trusted IT partner and advisor will ensure that your business systems stay up to date. This will ensure that you are protected from newly identified security threats that exist on the Internet and how these issues may affect your business systems. This support does not have to replace your existing IT support staff but enhance it.

Upgrade systems and software - It may become necessary to update your computer systems and your software to the versions that address the requirements laid out by the credit card and financial institutions. The latest versions of applications are available and offer update security systems to protect your business.

Are you as secure as you think?

~ 1 in 3 workers jot down their computer password, undermining their security.
~ Roughly 1 in 3 computer users has been a victim of viruses, spyware or phishing.
~ U.S. consumers spent $7.8 billion over the last two years for computer repairs, parts and replacements because of malware attacks.
~ 1 in 20 e-mails are infected with malware.
~ US users land on malicious websites about 285 million times per month by clicking on results from the five major search engines.
~ 85% say handheld devices used in their organization should require security protection.
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